Old Chewing Gum


Have you ever chewed gum until the flavor is gone and just stick it under some thing because you didn’t have the energy to throw it away? Well, imagine that same chewed up, no flavor having gum getting scraped up by another woman not once but twice! Did you know 1 out 1 women in USA has tried another woman’s leftovers at least once. They do say that, leftovers taste better the next day.

Speaking of leftovers, I know of a woman who loves all my leftovers. This female would give me a piece of gum, watch me as I unwrap the gum and put it in my mouth. Then she will be waiting from a distance until the gum lost flavor. As soon as, I take it out of my mouth to put it under that desk…. *SWIPE there she comes running to take the non-flavorless gum from under that desk.

The first flavorless stale gum she scraped from under that desk was “Big Red”! “Big Read” was tall dark and a scammer. He talked a good game of lies to me but he really wasn’t shit. While, I was chewing “Big Red” she was all in my mouth like “Are you done with him yet sis?” So, I didn’t get to chew “Big Red” for long because he lost flavor too quick. The wrapper did say long lasting but that was a LIE!

The second gum that she picked off the floor because it fell out of my mouth by mistake was “Juicy Fruit”! Oh, how I love “Juicy Fruit”! He was sexy and always smell good. We would have great conversations and enjoyed each other’s company.  See “Juicy Fruit” was great but she gave me that piece of gum and wanted it back. But I had already start chewing him. So, she hit my throat and yup “Juicy Fruit” fell right out of my mouth. I bet you know what her ass did; she picked it up chewed him up. I was so heated over that piece of a gum, but after a while but I got over it.

The list goes on of all the leftover gum she scraped after me but why make her so relevant. So, to that woman who love my leftovers you know who you are…





I Am my Brother’s Keeper

It has been 96 days since my little brother went missing! How does a grown man just go missing without a trace. I have been to countless news and radio stations. I have called every hospital and mental institutions in. I have been to police and sheriff departments. Even went to the morgues to see if one of these unclaim bodies were my brother. And I have nothing! The last time I talk to my brother was June 21,2017.  As his big sister my job was to protect him but I failed. My  brother use to check on me at least twice or once a week and now I don’t hear from him at all. His freinds and roomate are telling me stories on how he disaapear but they don’t make any sense. Everyday I try to crack the case of my brother disaapearance. Everyday I call my brother phone in hope that he will answer and tell me he is ok. I sit here with no answers on where he could be. With all my heart I know my brother is alive waiting for me to find him. And I promise I will. 

Please if you have any information on Lechmani Desroches please speak up and call the Orange County Sheriff office 407-254-7000. To keep more focus on my brother missing case. I won’t be blogging for a while. Please keep my brother in your prayers. 

BIG Chop

So, I cut my hair and thought that shit was cute. My haircut is ugly as FUCK!  Like what the hell was I thinking. What makes it worst is that everyone out here saying my haircut is cute. My friends really ain’t shit because they got me walking out here looking like a sumo wrestler. But at the end of the day ;it’s all gone so I have to make it work.

There are many reasons why I wanted to cut my hair off. First of all, my hair was damage from heat and dyeing it all the time. Second of all, I was tired of these 21 years old boys trying to holler at me thinking I am 18 years old. Like playa, I am old enough to be these boys’ mama. (SN: I am not old enough to be their mom; it’s just a figure of speech). Lastly, I just wanted a change. I been through a lot in my life and I just needed a fresh start.

The pros of cutting my hair is that I look older and more like my age. Also, my hair will be more healthy and grow longer because I am staying  away from heat and dye. Lastly, I can sleep in more because it only takes me like five minutes to do my hair.

Oh, but the cons; I don’t get any play anymore and my phone is dry like the Sahara desert. I don’t know something about being fat with a short cut is scary to men. Now, I attract a lot of lesbians because these women think I am a whole ass DYKE! Mind you, I don’t even know how to use a strap on. What I will miss the most is the hair pulling in bed. (SN: I am celibate guys).Lastly, the back of my head gets so cold. Like I really don’t know how people with no edges do it. Seriously a bald head person can put a hat or wrap their head up to keep their head warm. But people with no edges how do you guys keep your forehead warm? Anyways back on the subject.

So, I hate my haircut but I am glad I went through it. There is a saying that says, “Change is good”. So I am taking this change and reaping all the positive benefits from it. (SN: I am accepting wigs, tracks, hats and weave to cover this hot mess on my head).

My Ex Boyfriend is a Scam Artist

Yup, I got scammed by a man that I loved. I bet you are reading this and is like “this girl is overreacting; she didn’t get scammed”. BUT I DID! So, here I go falling in love with men that I meet on social apps again. This guy was a tall, dark, not so handsome, but a respectful guy. I thought I fell in love with this guy but I fell in love with the guy I thought he was. This guy scammed me into a whole relationship. See, scammers usually scam you for money but this guy scam me for pussy, money and love.

Me and this dude were talking on the phone, video chatting and texting each other for months. Over the months he fell in love with my personality and catfish photos. I, on the other hand; fell in love with his lies and non-catfish photos. To be honest, I would of been better off if he had just catfished me, but NO; dude decided to scam me.

It all started in a small city, where I drove three hours and forty-three minutes to go visit him. Flashback, he didn’t give me any gas money to go visit him… YUP, this is where I fucked up. So, I get to his house where I see his car parked in the front yard sitting on bricks. FLASHBACK! He told me that he had a car, but he left out the part it has been out of service for months. So, then I realize I had to drop him off to work; where he told me he was working as a lead in Publix. But when I drop him off at his job; I found out dude was not a supervisor nor a manager but a fucking stocking boy.  That was strike 2! While he was at work, I went to go meet his family and get the “tea” from mama dukes. His parents fed me a great meal of Haitian cuisine. Then they told me that I need to help their son to go back to school and teach him how to save money. FLASHBACK AGAIN! He told me that he was in school but, was taking one class at a time because he was paying out pocket. STRIKE FUCKING THREE! Then we get to the hotel room where I am about to give him the business. Dude put his pants down and his penis was small. FLASHBACK FOR THE LAST TIME! His dick pictures showed that he had a huge dick!



Your Life Is Not OVER, Once You Have Kids

“You got a child, Girl your life is over.”

Being a single mom in college while working full time with little support is hard but not impossible. It took me a year to adjust my life as a single parent, employee and a student. During that year of adjusting I was afraid that I would put my studies and job before my daughter; but I figured how to balance being a single parent, full time employee and a college student.

When my daughter was two years old I decided to go back to college to pursue more degrees and licensees. When I first got into the program I am in now; I left my daughter with my grandma and went off to a college, 4 hours away. I decided this would be less stressful and that I would have less distractions so I can focus more on my studies. Though I missed her like crazy and wished she was with me; I reminded myself that I am doing this for her. I always want her to look up to me and know that she should chase her dreams no matter what obstacles gets in her way.

So, this is where it really got hard. A few months in the semester I am preparing for my finals and I got a call that my grandma can no longer take care of my daughter. I remember sitting in my room like saying to myself “Danm I got to quit school and move back home”. But my grandma didn’t let me quit school. She said (In Kreyol), “When you come back home you better be that Nurse Practitioner that you promise yourself to be.” In my head, I was like “How am I supposed to go to school, work and take care of toddler in a city with no family.

The first few months were hard trying to balance my schedule with her schedule and finding a nanny at night that I could afford. I ended up quitting a great job in a hospital setting with great pay and benefits to a clinical job with less pay and no benefits. The hospital job was great but there wasn’t no flexibility and that is what I needed. The clinical job I am at currently was flexible and that gave me more time with my daughter. Also, I had to take classes at night since my job is an 8 AM to 5 PM and this pushed my graduation date back since I am now taking less credits. At first, I was devastated but then I realize it is not about how fast I finish but that I finish.

To respond to all the people that say; My life is over because I have a child… Well, It’s NOT! I am pursuing my dreams and achieving my goals. My daughter is my motivation, support and strength and without her I probably wouldn’t be where I am currently.

AND to all the single mothers, college mothers, business mothers, teen mothers, and to all the mothers don’t give up and keep striving.

Business Partner Babe


My grandma always told me, “not to mix business with pleasure”, but guess what I did… YUP!  I fucked up and mix business with pleasure. I lost a whole friend and a business partner. Let me rewind to about two years and half ago, I met this guy through a social app. So of course I took the lead and slid into his DM, not trying to be thirsty but he seem like cool people and I needed friends. So we hit it off , met in  person and became mad cool “besties”. So, then I started crushing but never told him because honestly I thought I was lusting. After a while, we became mad close and of course I fucked up and had sex. His sex game was not all that good but I was still crushing. In my head I was like “Danm, I really like dude” but he wasn’t feeling me in that way. SOOOOOOOOO, Yea I kept my feelings bottled inside like I always do. Fast forward, he had this project that he always wanted to do, so because  I liked him of course I was going to support him and make sure his project blow up. Of course the project blew up because we were a great team. Then, it  went downhill from there; his project was and is still doing great. I am over here still crushing on dude planning our future and shit; to find out buddy has a whole girlfriend. I was so hurt but I had to act like I didn’t care because I wasn’t in a relationship with him. On top of that heartbreak I was going through it; with a ton of shit. So, I told him I just wanted to be in the background of the project and not the face anymore. He could never understand why I didn’t want to do the project because I was giving him bits and pieces of the situation; and this killed our friendship. To get to the point, our friendship ended and we are no longer business partner. Currently I still support him and his movement but we never got closure. To Be Continued…

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